Our Strong Team

Steered by a highly qualified team of product specialists and consultants, we strive to help clients meet their daily business objectives, handling their most difficult and complex IT problems and freeing them to do more with less, whilst delivering new business functionality faster. Whether your business requires Network Management, IT Consultation, Software Development, Deployments, Hosting, Technical Support, Maintenance, Testing; or you’re simply looking for the ideal Security Solutions software; Advanced Computer Engineering Services will identify the perfect IT solution for you. We will listen carefully to your issues and needs and recommend innovative technology and proven methods that will help you succeed.


 Meet ACES Management

As one of leading IT solutions firm in Tanzania, Advanced Computer Engineering Services is driven by a passionate desire to deliver only the best to its clients. With a combined pool of expertise and skilled expertise, our clients are guaranteed the best of leading edge, innovative and profitable technology solutions that will enable them gain competitive advantage.

James Jackson Tairo :

Programmer, Web Developer, Systems Programmer, Technical Support, Technical Liaison, Network Support, Help Desk, Computer Operator, SolutionS / ServiceS - Technical Sales Rep, Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Web Master, LAN Administrator, WAN Administrator, Technical Consultant, Database Administrator (DBA).

Reuben Joseph Waitara:

Software Developer, Programmer, Web Developer, Database Administrator (DBA), Quality Assurance, Systems Programmer,Technical Support, Network Support, Sales Support Engineer, Account Manager, Systems Administrator, Web Master, LAN Administrator, WAN Administrator, Technical Consultant.